Each project is priced individually. For scanning quotations, we need to assess the number of individual scans required to cover the scope of works.

To aid with this, ideally, we would request a marked up drawing or diagram highlighting the extent of the scope. For external topographic surveys this may take the form of an OS or similar plan. This aids with deciding if the project can be scanned either Terrestrially or utilising Ariel technology. Internally we need to understand how many floors/levels (including Roofs) are involved. Historic floor plans (No matter how basic) and supporting photos will help us refine your quotation.

You also need to consider if the point cloud will be delivered in RGB (True Colours) or Black and White Intensity as this will affect the way that data is captured in the field and can’t always be changed at a later stage.

For 2D/3D CAD and BIM products we additionally need to understand the accuracy and level of detail (LOD – BIM, 2D CAD, 3D CAD) required for any given product. Being as specific as possible here allows us to tailor a quotation specifically to your requirements. Remember it may not be necessary to complete an entire site at the same level of detail. While it may be required to have the key parts of a site presented at a high specification, peripheral information may be plotted at low spec, this may reduce both cost and timeframes.

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