Applications for 3D laser scanning


3Deling produce as-built surveys and clash detection analysis for a range of industrial applications like power stations to oil installations. Utilising point cloud data as a basis, we can provide a bespoke product to suit your particular need. Whether it is 3D CAD based (DWG, DGN etc.) or intelligent PDMS databases and models, our team will elaborate with you to provide a solution to your unique requirements.


3Deling offer a range of building measurement services. Utilising highly accurate 3D point cloud information as a base we can produce a diverse range of products including Building Information Models (BIM), mostly delivered in Revit (AECOsim & ArchiCAD available), 3D CAD models, 2D floor plans, sections and elevations. Point clouds and panoramic images can also be specified as deliverables. Our team will elaborate with you to develop your scope and deliver the right product for your needs.


Utilising our extensive experience 3Deling provide highly accurate documentation for the heritage sites. As well as 2D or 3D CAD deliverables we can also supply a range of photographic or scan-based products from panoramic imagery, virtual tours and walkthroughs to high-resolution orthoimages.


3D laser scanning can be utilised to capture large urban areas. The point cloud information can be further use to support your planning and design needs. Our products include 2D or 3D topographical surveys, 3D modelling for Rights of Light analysis and 2D or 3D models for the production of contextual elevations.


We offer as-built surveys for offshore installations (oil rigs) and vessels.
We have safety training for the offshore industry accredited by OPITO & NOGEPA.


Our reverse engineering services include accurate even sub-millimetre geometric analyzes of small elements and objects. We generate precise 3D CAD models and create 2D technical documentation.


We offer services of digitising the assets and optimising processes
in terms of management, use of resources and safety directed to plant operators and managers.
Depending on the current state of documentation, experience, software packages and budget,
we customize or offer to cater client’s special needs.


About 3Deling

3Deling - The experts in 3D laser scanning and point cloud processing

We are a professional surveying company with a primary focus on 3D laser scanning. Based in the UK, Norway, Ukraine and Poland, with the main office in Krakow, Poland, we operate worldwide with vast experience over a diverse range of services. We offer a wide a spectrum of point cloud-related products such as 2D documentation, 3D models, Building Information Models (BIM), and PDMS models.
Our products and services are suitable for industrial sites, offshore installations and vessels, architecture, heritage and large-scale urban regeneration projects.
We employ around 40 highly-skilled CAD engineers which allows us to process all our data in-house. The majority of our point cloud processing is completed utilising Bentley Systems Software (Microstation, Bentley Descartes, Bentley Pointools and ConextCapture).

We also work in AutoDesk Revit, ZF Laser Control, and Leica Cyclone. We developed our own custom, standalone software solutions that help optimize point cloud processing. They have been implemented in our everyday work and within our clients own workflows.
What is more, our Quality Management System has received ISO 9001 certification and is currently certified to the latest version of ISO 9001:2015.

We use the latest laser scanners: ZF Imager 5010C, ZF Imager 5010, Reigl VZ-400 (long range), and Leica Total stations for control measurement.

The security and confidentiality of our client’s data are paramount within our working practices.


Additional information:


We have full professional liability insurance.

Safety training

We have safety training for the offshore industry accredited by OPITO & NOGEPA. 

In2Rail project

We are part of In2Rail project (Innovative Intelligent Rail), see the
partner list

ISO 9001:2015

Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified


3Deling laser scanning site workflow

This video presentation takes you through our custom laser scanning- site workflow. We place a great deal of emphasis on the quality of our deliverables. On request, we are happy to supply our survey network adjustment and registration reports.

For larger sites, we install, measure and adjust a combination of scanning targets and retro targets which are controlled via total station observations. Along with the scan data we can also supply a coordinate list of the retro targets which will be left on site.

These can be used as an ongoing control network for setting out or further survey works during the construction phase of a project, ensuring all works are completed on a consistent grid. All control will be relative to a predetermined network, whether that be a local, site or a national grid. Further to the capture of the scan data we also offer a wide range of services converting cloud data into vector files, from traditional CAD deliverables through BIM ready formats such as Revit to PDMS for industrial applications. We can also offer engineering services.

We work worldwide


Our products

We offer a wide range of products plotted or generated from the point cloud data including:

3D mesh models

Ideal for irregular or organically shaped objects.

Plant design models

We can covert point clouds to Aveva PDMS, CADWorx and Open Plant models.


We offer Orthophotos – metric images commonly specified for heritage sites.

Deformation surveys

We offer deformation surveys and movement monitoring.

3D CAD models

We offer a range of 3D CAD models, in different formats and levels of detail to suit your needs.

Volume surveys

We offer highly accurate and fast volumetric surveys utilising laser scanning technology.

ROL - Right of Light Surveys

We offer 2D or 3D modelling tailored specifically for use within the Rights of Light analysis.

Construction Verification

We can perform clash detection analysis, comparing either design model to cloud or cloud to cloud.

BIM Ready models

We can convert a point cloud to Revit, AECOSim or ArchiCAD models to your specific specification.

Registered Point cloud

For clients that want to complete their own post-production, we can scan and supply a registered point cloud.

3D virtual reality

We can digitize a specified object or space and create a game-like environment with interactive 3D walkthroughs.

Panoramic Tours

Panoramic Images can be supplied referenced to a sitemap allowing the user to navigate around the site in a product called PanoTours.

2D CAD documentation

Highly accurate floor plans sections and elevations can be generated in a variety of formats and levels of detail, tailored to suit your specific requirements.


2D or 3D topographical information can be extracted from point clouds. This can be supplied in a variety of formats and levels of detail which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.


TruView combines panoramic images with point cloud data allowing the user to take measurements, mark up and share views. It can provide an effective visual early decision-making tool.

Scan registrations

We offer the registration of supplied scan data for any size of a project. We have past experience of handling projects with over 5000 individual scan positions.

Dimensional Control

We offer highly accurate industrial measurement services, mainly dedicated for spool inspection.


Our projects

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