For each 3D development, it is necessary to determine the Level of Detail of models at the stage of valuation


We have vast experience in conducting as-built surveys of all kinds of industrial sites. When it comes to converting the point cloud into CAD models, it’s crucial to understand that this is still a very time-consuming process. At the stage of submitting the quotation, we would like to know the purpose of the project and have a good understanding of the client requirements. The more we know the better price we can offer also deliverable is more customized to the certain client.

Point cloud survey is very accurate often CAD deliverable plotted from the cloud is “too accurate”. For most applications showing some small deformations on the structural elements my turn to be a disadvantage. Small bent on the pipes or displacement of structural elements shown as B-spline surfaces is generating heavy CAD files.

If there is a need to swap file formats B-spline surfaces are often troublesome. It’s crucial to specify maximum acceptable deviation between created model and point cloud. The accuracy has also an impact on the time, the higher accuracy (smaller deviation), the project is more time-consuming.

For a better estimation of time needed to process the data, it is important to determine a level of detail of the model. Below you will find a list where we visualize the most common single elements for industrial projects, divided into three (in some cases two) levels of detail.


Level 1

  • Presents only overall shapes of modelled parts
  • It is often utilized for general studies of larger installations and for clash detection applications.

Level 2

  • It is the most popular type we do.
  • It is balanced between decent level of detail and time (cost) consumption.
  • In most applications level two is sufficient.

Level 3

  • It is the highest one, where we present a lot of details on the model.
  • Depending on site conditions, size of parts, access to area etc. this level is recommended for models which will be used for visualizations, or for very sensitive designing works.
  • On request in some project we could model more but the client needs to be aware this will have a considerable impact on the budget of the project.



  Here you will find a questionnaire where you can specify a standard and LOD for your model.
To fill in the form, please download the file and open it in Adobe Reader.
If you have any sample .dgn/.dwg files please send them to us with the completed form by mail.


Level of Detail 1:



Level of detail 2:



Level of detail 3: