We offer a range of as-built surveys for architectural development. As the manipulation of point cloud data becomes more common throughout the industry, architects and engineers are increasingly utilising point cloud information themselves.
If required 3Deling can scan and supply a registered point cloud in your chosen format. Production of architectural documentation is often the next step. From the point cloud data 2D floor plans, sections and elevations can be extracted and tailored specifically to the client’s specification.
3D CAD Models can be specified. These can be produced in wireframe, surface or solid format and typically delivered in DGN or DWG format. As with our 2D products the levels of detail can be tailored specifically the client’s specification.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) – Scan to BIM

3Delings extensive knowledge of 3D laser scanning and point cloud technology means that we are ideally placed to provide BIM laser scanning products and surveys from a site.

Commonly delivered in Autodesk Revit (Although we can deliver in Bentley AECOsim) these intelligent 3D models create a database providing a solid platform for use throughout the design and construction process.

While still true with more traditional 2D and 3D deliverables, within a BIM environment it is vitally important to develop a scope that accommodates the requirements of all stakeholders. A little collaborative time spent on day one will pay dividends throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Both level of detail (LOD), level of information (LOI) and an appropriate coordinate system should be carefully considered.

3Deling will work with you to build a product that is right for you.

Benefits of 3d laser scanning:


Reducing time on site compared to traditional survey methods.

Easy of sharing

Data can be easily shared and reviewed by all stakeholders
(see TruView product).


Full information about the shape and position of building elements leading to a lower risk of errors within a design
(see clash detection product).


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