Bentley Pointools Overview

Next, to the Leica Truview, Bentley Pointools is essential when it comes to working with a point cloud.
Currently, it is one of our basic tools to edit point cloud.

Bentley’s Pointools allows you to process point cloud for all infrastructure projects. It works great also with quick visualization, manipulation, animating and editing of point clouds within one workflow. This smooth process helps in shortening production time and increasing overall accuracy.

You can also import and view in Pointools: point clouds, textured 3D models and 2D CAD drawings. It is also a great tool to produce high-resolution orthophotos and create animations, videos and fly-throughs.

This software can also indicate differences between two point clouds as well as it works pretty well when it comes to carrying out clash detection analyses.

We also noticed that Pointools manages huge datasets of points. Thanks to its function of editing it is easy for us to clean up and segment the point cloud, and add notes and markups to exchange comments between team members and clients.

We prepared a complex tutorial for you, showing mainly how to edit a point cloud in Bentley Pointools. You will also find useful information about importing and colour shading the dataset. It will help you to navigate the software fluently.

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