27th October 2016 Grzegorz Ciępka

CADWorx – Plant Design Models

To meet the increasing demand for intelligent plant models we added to our portfolio new Intergraph’s CADWorx 3d model.

CADWorx is a suite of applications prepared to fulfil all needs, that plant process engineer plant piping engineer might design process could have. Modules for plant design, P&ID drawing, equipment modelling, isometrics generation and specification editor are sufficient to design even most complex industrial sites. That is especially interesting for us “FieldPipe” module is focused on modelling as-built installations from a point cloud.

Screen of CADWorx default application window

CADWorx application window with sample model and specification window

As a product, CADWorx is using an existing AutoCAD installation as a base and extends its features by adding extra tools dedicated for plant modelling. It would be a disrespect to call it just an overlay because most of the time we will be working on the tools from the program, using (therefore) AutoCAD only as a graphical environment. Intergraph’s software equips default AutoCAD with a bunch of tools that are necessary for creating semi-intelligent plant models leaving at the same time everything else unchanged. This makes the software more useful for dedicated Autodesk users.

CADWorx keeps all model information in the common .dwg files in the AutoCAD 2013 standard. This allows .dwg users to work on the same file without a need to export and import.

To be even more user-friendly for occasionally plant modellers, CADWorx has a very minimalistic setup that does not require any creation of projects, user accounts, access permissions and complex directory structures. Simply it keeps all model parts within .dwg file and project specifications within .prj files.

Screen of an assembley of a few intellgent elements

CADWorx model is created from parametric spec-driven standardized components

More about CADWorx application and some information important for ordering plant design models can be found here.

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