3rd June 2019 marek

Client Portal

3Deling Client Portal delivering professional services.

Client Portal is an easy to use platform that allows to store and view projects online. Created especially for 3Deling’s customers gives them a 24/7 self-serve, secure access to their data anywhere and anytime. Currently Client Portal contains services such us PanoTours and Truview.

How to get access to 3Deling Client Portal?
1. If you want to use our Client Portal, please contact us via e-mail.
2. We will generate for you a User Name and a password needed to the first log in. We can provide also a demo account.
3. Login in here.
4. Enjoy the convenience of working online.

The prices of the storage are determined individually for every project.

Screen from sample TruView.

Eample of Truview project on Client Portal

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