Our IT project

On August 1st, 2018 we launched a project entitled: “Developing a computer program optimising the process of generating CAD documentation based on data gathered using the terrestrial laser scanning method, particularly aimed at familiarising and increasing the interpretative capacity of point clouds”.
Our project aims at optimising the process of generating 3D CAD documentation of industrial and architectonic objects based on data obtained from terrestrial laser scanners and popularising its application in inventorying and designing tasks. We strive to create an innovative software package that would support and improve processing of 3D laser scanning data (point clouds), on one hand. On the other hand, it will make the interpretation of point clouds easier for the end users of our services.
We have already created our own format of point cloud and confirmed its functioning within the CAD environment.
The successive goals we set for us cover creating of the following tools:
  • 3DL Viewer application – independent program dedicated to exploring point clouds in 3D views,
  • 3DL Survey application – automated algorithm
    for scan registration and colouring,
  • DL CAD application – program supporting the process of 3D modelling,
  • 3DL Manage application – tool improving the interpretation and designing based on point cloud data.

The software supporting processing of point clouds (3DL: Viewer, Survey, CAD)
will be used by our internal CAD engineers and aims at accelerating this process thanks to its partial automatisation, which will, in turn, lead to improving the quality of our services. We believe that the time saving and a quality increase will be significant enough to encourage our colleagues in business to gain interest in our services in the scope of preliminary or partial elaboration of laser scanning data.
The application named 3DL Manage may win some interest mainly amongst design offices working for industrial plants and operators employed at these plants. Our IT solution will allow them to carry out certain designing tasks (e.g. replacing parts of installations) based on point clouds, which will be a definitely less expensive and easier tool than any of those available until present. We intend to keep developing the 3DL Manage continuously, taking into account the needs reported by particular end users, which will consequently contribute to the strengthening of our business relationships with the existing and future clients.