Kozienice power plant


Kozienice, Poland


Scanner Riegl VZ-400, Leica TCRA 1101 plus Total Station


8 days two person team over 800 scanpositions
21 days 1 person scan positions registration


Registered point cloud and TruViews


Laser scanning and clash detection in Kozienice power plant

The client commissioned extensive laser scanning of the entire boiler building and adjacent filter structure. The plant building consists of four levels rising to
a height of 60m. A challenging environment to work in, the works were carried out during the normal operation of the plant.

The team had to overcome problems associated with lack of intervisibility as well the dust noise, vibration and temperatures of 60C, all present within a working Power Station. Despite the challenges, a very high accuracy was achieved, 3mm on control network adjustment and 5mm on scan registration. In addition to scanning, 100 permanent control points were also installed throughout the space providing a network for ongoing deformation monitoring and setting out.

The data collected was utilised in the design and integration of new catalytic gas denitrification plant within the existing structures. Further to the collection of data, 3Deling provided training for the clients’ staff in point cloud manipulation within a CloudWorx environment. With the successful implementation of laser scanning technology, the client was able to design out clashes before reaching the construction phase of the project saving both time and costs.