22nd August 2016 Ewa

RGB and Intensity – Point cloud display options

This is often confused but at the quotation stage very important to understand what kind of point cloud data will the client receive. Almost all scanners capture points with coordinates and additionally measure the strength of the reflected laser beam that is represented in the colour of the point as intensity. Intensity can be shown as Grayscale or as HUE colours.

Below you can see the same point cloud data from heritage application in different display options

In most cases point cloud in intensity is good enough but some applications require RGB (real colours). In order to capture RGB scanning needs to be followed by taking images with either external or integrated cameras. In both cases the scanning and processing data is slower this is why it is crucial to take this into account while pricing the project. The point cloud can be also viewed in the plane shader mode the colours the distance to the chosen plane.

Below you can see the same point cloud data from industrial application in different display options

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